Protecting wild places

Frontier is an African non-profit organisation that delivers real, multi-disciplinary conservation solutions.

We recognise that safeguarding Africa’s natural habitats is critically important, for people as well as for wildlife, and we are here to help.

Partnering with you to make a difference.

Providing proudly African solutions to a global challenge

Africa faces a unique combination of largescale habitat loss, changing climate, as well as widespread illegal wildlife trade. All within the context of mass poverty, political instability, weak governance, and porous international borders.

This has led to the ongoing exploitation of people and communities, as well as the wholesale destruction of critical ecosystems, with countless species being driven to the brink of extinction.

Frontier assists governments, NGOs, and the private sector to develop, manage and sustain protected areas across the continent. We provide the pathways and means to help these areas become more secure, more effective, and more sustainable – ensuring a prosperous future for people and wildlife.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated experts drawn from a diverse array of professions across Africa and internationally. We share a common passion for conservation and believe that significant change begins with the smallest step.

What We Do

We translate strategic visions into actionable objectives through specialist operational advice, support, and training. This helps to mitigate threats to wildlife, people, and conservation, with sustainable impact at the core of all that we do.

How We Help

We employ specialist advisors and instructors, operating with real situational understanding and unique African experience to stimulate change and bring about positive outcomes. Our innovative approach helps you to do more with less.

Where To Find Us

We pride ourselves in going where others won’t and achieving what others can’t. So, you’ll most often find us working hands-on in the field. If you bump into us somewhere across the continent, please stop and say hello. Otherwise, send us an enquiry.

As an African organisation we possess a genuine, in-depth
appreciation of what it takes to not only operate in, but also to achieve and sustain results across the continent.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise is borne out of the highest professional qualifications, balanced with significant field-based experience.

We deliver proportionate and achievable interventions that take into account your strategic objectives, commercial constraints and real-time needs.
Our team sustains long-term partnership due to our objective approach, which is underpinned by realistic and honest advice at all times.
We thrive on challenges. There is no task too complex, there is no situation too daunting. If you need support or a fresh approach, our team is on hand to help.

& Assessment

Providing insights that empower you to make informed and effective decisions in line with your objectives.

& Consultancy

Supporting you throughout the full lifecycle of your key development programs – from concept through to completion.

& Mentoring

Delivering homegrown capacity that will continue to meet your needs today, tomorrow and into the future.

& Procurement

Ensuring that your key resourcing plans are appropriate and sustainable within the operational context.

What People Say About Us

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