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Our vision / Protecting wild places and providing proudly African solutions to a global challenge.

Frontier is actively engaged in conservation efforts across Africa. Designing, delivering and sustaining bespoke solutions that deliver real change and help to protect the continent’s wild places now and into the future.

Our teams have deployed to and worked in some of the most complex and demanding environments and have achieved results each and every time. We take pride in our willingness to go where others won’t and our ability to achieve what others can’t.

At the heart of this approach is a team of dedicated professionals that bring together the very best technical expertise, regional experience, and understanding of how to deliver impact in Africa.

Our Values

Frontier is underpinned by a culture of core values that are shared throughout our team. These values inform our collective decision-making, guide our actions, and provide a meaningful sense of community to our global network of talent.


We hold ourselves accountable to the people and communities which we work alongside; as they are the ultimate custodians of Africa’s wild places. However, it is essential that we balance their needs with broader conservation objectives that take into account the long-term sustainability of Africa’s critically important ecosystems, which we all depend upon.


Collaborating with host governments, NGOs, as well as the private sector is a cornerstone of our work. In this way we are bringing diverse perspectives and experiences together to achieve innovative and inclusive solutions to our partners’ shared challenges. Working collectively, we are able to have exponential impact throughout Africa.


Integrity is the foundation on which we build all our relationships. We are committed to operating transparently and consistently with all our stakeholders. From internal management practices, to how we deliver our services, we demonstrate an uncompromising adherence to ethical and honest behaviour, communication and professional standards.


We pride ourselves in the professionalism of our people – leading by example at all times. Our approach fosters discipline, motivation and passion, which brings out the best in us as well as those we work with. This relentless pursuit of excellence serves to support our partners, and the conservation community at large, to achieve consistently higher standards.


Respect for people, their cultures, norms and fundamental Human Rights is critically important to us. We understand that there are a multitude of stakeholders involved in the protection of wild places and our solutions recognise the value of local knowledge, reflect the interests of diverse communities, and lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Team profiles

A world-class collective

Frontier is a true collective, which brings together a team of exceptional people from a variety of professions and backgrounds. We deliver honest, expert support when and where you need it.

Tom has a UK military background with extensive experience advising and assisting in both an operational and strategic capacity across Africa, specialising in remote and high-threat areas. Tom leads Frontier’s expert delivery teams throughout the continent, translating strategy in to actionable plans, and guaranteeing professional, discreet, service.

Tom Whittle


Leveraging his extensive local knowledge and sector experience, Andrew spearheads Frontier’s planning and operational support functions. Ensuring that the organisation’s projects not only meet Frontier’s own rigorous standards but are also fit for purpose given the complex and demanding areas in which we work.

Andrew Crichton


Non-Executive Director
Grant is a strategic advisor with diverse experience across the investment banking, consumer business, private equity, venture capital, as well as non-profit sectors both in Africa as well as globally. This wealth of knowledge informs Frontier’s holistic approach to change within the conservation sector.

Grant Scott


Non-Executive Director
Johan is responsible for the full spectrum of strategic and operational level planning in respect of environmental law enforcement and security projects in South Africa. Leveraging his experience and relationships on the international stage, Johan provides Frontier with exceptional leadership in respect of stakeholder engagement.

Maj Gen Johan Jooste


Lise is a sustainable finance expert and environmental economist with corporate, non-profit and finance experience across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Lise advises Frontier on emerging standards, innovative finance models, and stakeholder expectations regarding the environment and social impact core to corporate and national decision making.

Lise Pretorius


Jabs is the Assistant General Manager of a Protected Area in South Africa and leads on community engagement as well as human-wildlife conflict matters. As a career conservationist, Jabs possesses unrivalled knowledge of what it takes to develop, manage and sustain protected areas.

Njabulo Hudla

Community Engagement

Matt is an investor with deep insight when it comes to working in Africa, and in the ecotourism sector in particular. With economics qualifications from Oxford as well as an MBA from Stanford University Matt lends significant financial acumen to the Frontier team.

Matthew Cooke


Skilled in political, non-profit as well as crisis communications, Mabine is a media relations expert with a significant track record in Africa. Mabine is responsible for navigating key communications, campaign, and public relations matters for Frontier as well as the organisation’s clients.

Mabine Seabe


Evelina works with the largest Africa-focussed private equity fund globally. She is particularly passionate about impact investing and assessment, working with a range of clients both in Africa and internationally. Evelina supports Frontier and its clients by securing capital for projects that support real change across the continent.

Evelina Olago

Capital Raising

Drawn from a UK military background, Kev leads Frontier's technical solutions. This spans cost-effective communication plans, other technical projects, and improving existing laydowns. Kev’s unrivalled technical ability, Special Operations experience, and proven success across numerous protected areas, guarantees industry-leading expertise within Frontier's development packages.

Kev Marriott


Monique is a wildlife crime and security specialist who combines her hands-on experience in wildlife crime analysis and prevention with African field conservation. As part of the Frontier team, Monique focuses on integrating academic insights into the organisation's practical field operations to ensure they are evidence-based and optimally effective.

Monique Sosnowski

Wildlife Crime

Alasdair is a human rights expert with significant experience delivering human rights training in academic settings as well as field conditions. With time spent supporting various aid and refugee agencies globally, Alasdair is well-placed to advise on the intersections between human rights and conservation.

Alasdair Tyrrell

Human Rights

Andrew has dedicated his life to gaining a deeper understanding of the natural world through an extensive career as a field guide as well as formal study. He holds an MSc in Environment, Ecology and Conservation and supports the Frontier team by providing expert analysis of conservation-related matters.

Andrew Beck


Rachel served as an Intelligence Officer with the British military for ten years, developing high-level experience working cross-government on operations and policy around complex geopolitical issues. Rachel brings expertise in building intelligence capacity, including structures, systems, processes and people, as well as deliberate and dynamic targeting operations.



Specialist Instructional and Advisory Consultants from Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Conservation and other professional backgrounds; with exceptional operational, technical, language and country-specific experience.


Advisors and Instructors

Tasmin is an experienced Responsible Business specialist driving the refinement and adoption of climate-responsive blended finance models across Africa and Asia. She advises Frontier on blended finance modalities and associated approaches to sustain a market-led approach to rural livelihoods enhancement at the community and national level.

Tasmin mulder

Responsible Business


Game Rangers Association of Africa


International Ranger Federation

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