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Our mission / To provide bespoke services that meet the operational and strategic needs of our partners throughout Africa, developing capabilities that mitigate current and future threats to conservation.

Frontier’s solutions combine professional excellence, with specialist skills and the confidence to do things differently. This approach delivers positive change that has a lasting impact.

Our expert advisers and instructors help you to understand, develop and sustain interventions that reduce threats and exploit opportunities within all areas of your organisation. Be it training professional, skilled and highly-motivated rangers, integrating aviation or K9 assets, through to developing intelligence-led operations, Frontier delivers capabilities fit for the situation.

We offer discreet, bespoke solutions, using tried and tested methods, that are guaranteed to meet your needs and bring out the best in your people


Audit & Assessment

Highlighting key opportunities through expert analysis

Frontier provides fact-based assessments complied by a team of subject matter experts. These assessments contextualise threats, highlight opportunities, and provide guidance on operational development pathways going forward. These pathways take cognisance of your situational and resource constraints, setting out a clear and achievable plan for fulfilling your strategic vision. Our audit and assessment services can be applied to a specific problem, department or an entire protected area. Armed with this blueprint you will develop improved collective understanding, empowering you to make more informed and effective resourcing and operational decisions.


Advisory & Consultancy

Translating plans into meaningful actions

Frontier’s advisory and consultancy services support you in translating your objectives and our recommendations into specific, measurable and time-bound activities. Overseeing and, if required, directly undertaking the implementation of clearly scoped projects on your behalf. We exploit our experience from a number of successful projects within complex environments in order to deliver a “right, first time” solution. From developing a new capability or overseeing structural change, our highly skilled team provide you with the perfect, scalable resource to meet your project-specific needs. Affording you flexibility without ever compromising on quality. In Frontier you have a strategic partner that understands what it takes to operate a safe, secure, ecologically diverse and sustainable protected area.

Training & Mentoring

Training packages that deliver tangible impact

Frontier’s training and development packages are based on an accurate understanding of the situation. This ensures that the design and delivery of our interventions are aligned to your specific needs – which ultimately delivers a capability that is fit for purpose. We provide training at all levels and for all roles. From short-term projects through to recurring programs; from basic skills development through to specialist capabilities. Our courses ensure that the correct structures are in place, that departments are effectively integrated, and that your people are empowered with the knowledge and skills to deliver on operational requirements. Through the dedicated mentorship of Rangers, management as well as other senior personnel, we give you the knowledge and the tools to continue to effectively manage, train, plan for, and deploy your assets after our team departs,.

Logistics & Procurement

Delivering sustainable resourcing support

Frontier’s logistics and procurement services help you to make informed decisions regarding key equipment purchases: what to buy and how. Including once-off purchases, ongoing supply chain management, as well as largescale infrastructure development and service level agreements within complex environments. We help decision-makers facing time and resource constraints to align equipment and infrastructure needs with their operational requirements. Our team of highly experienced personnel possess the requisite experience and understanding to advise you on what tools are needed when; as well as how to effectively apply, manage and maintain these tools in the long-term. This guidance gives you the assurance that you are making the right investments which will fulfil your operational objectives.

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