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We’ve hand-picked case studies from some our most interesting and exciting projects delivered across the Africa continent. Find out how Frontier’s holistic approach manifests on the ground and how we make a real difference for our clients.

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Peace Parks Foundation

The Postcode Meerkat, a wide-area surveillance system, has been operationally deployed in South Africa’s Kruger National Park for the better part of 21 months. Surveillance data and information collected through this system have been instrumental in saving both human and animal lives and have greatly contributed to the effectiveness of anti-poaching teams in the park…

The Pelorus Foundation

It is of high conservation value to monitor species and assess ecological indicators that reflect the health of ecosystems and species most vulnerable to anthropogenic change. However, challenges arise when protecting species that are elusive in nature, have a large geographical range, or exist at low densities…

Grumeti Fund

At the start of 2020 the Grumeti Fund requested assistance in delivering a bespoke selection and training course for a cohort of new Game Scouts. The task was clear: identify and adequately prepare individuals to join the Grumeti Fund’s law enforcement department. Working to protect the Serengeti ecosystem as well as the communities who depend upon it for their own survival…

Greater Zakouma Ecosystem

Johannesburg, South Africa: The Government of the Republic of Chad and the conservation NGO African Parks announced on Tuesday October 10th the signing of an agreement for the management and protection of an expanded territory of critical conservation areas, including key peripheral reserves Siniaka Minia, Bahr-Salamat and adjoining wildlife corridors to create…

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